COVID-19 Protocols for the Centennial Boule Conference and Centennial Founders Weekend

As we enter this exciting time for our organization in the celebration of our Centennial year, we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic that has been a part of our lives for over two years. In an effort to keep our Centennial Boule Conference and Centennial Founders Weekend registrants, attendees, and guests safe during our time in Indianapolis, the International Board of Directors voted to adopt the following policy.

Conference Attendees:

  • All conference attendees must be fully vaccinated by June 26, 2022. Fully vaccinated means two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna, one dose of Johnson & Johnson or other approved international vaccinations. A booster is strongly suggested.  Exceptions with respect to health, disability, or a sincerely held religious belief will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please see exemption process on page 3 of this document.
  • Attendees are required to take a COVID-19 PCR OR antigen test prior to arrival from a licensed healthcare organization between the following dates: July 8, 2022 – July 15, 2022. The testing timeline for the Centennial Founders Weekend will be communicated at a later date. Self- administered home tests without the supervision of a healthcare professional are not acceptable. Attendees must upload negative COVID-19 PCR OR antigen laboratory test results to the specified application. Results will be verified by the vendor in order to complete the registration check-in process, receive credentials, tickets, and/or access events.
  • Failure to upload negative test results timely will result in attendees being required to pay for the cost of the onsite rapid PCR test (up to $170) out of pocket.
  • Attendees are required to participate in the daily symptom checker via the specified application.
  • Attendees may be required to participate in daily temperature checks via full body scanner.
  • Attendees may be required to wear masks at all indoor events based on the CDC guidelines and regulatory guidance in place at the time of the conference.

CrowdPass Pre-Arrival Document Upload

Health Screening Form
Click HERE to upload your COVID documents

[Small print]: As a reminder, our testing window is from today, 7/8/22, through 7/15/22. Any tests that were performed prior to today, will be rejected. Additionally, attendees will need to upload their vaccination (or exemption) AND negative test results (or proof of recovery letter) AT THE SAME TIME.

Individuals Who Develop Symptoms While at the Conference:

  • Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. will contract with an event medicine agency to address attendees who become ill or whose temperatures register high during daily temperature checks. Any services rendered will be at the attendee’s expense.
  • Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. will provide attendees with a resource listing of nearby urgent care centers and hospitals for use if they become ill and deem necessary.
  • Attendees will be subject to the COVID-19 policies outlined by each of the individual hotel properties.


Q: Can I upload a home test to satisfy the pre-arrival testing requirement?

A: No. Self-administered home tests without the supervision of a healthcare professional are not acceptable. Only PCR or antigen tests from licensed healthcare organizations will be accepted.

Q: What if my pre-arrival test results do not return in time?

A: You will not be allowed to register until a negative PCR or antigen test result from a licensed healthcare organizations is uploaded and verified. The onsite rapid PCR test (up to $170) will be available for attendees at their own expense. However, we strongly discourage attendees from using the on-site event medical entity as their primary option for testing as delays may occur. We ask that you continue to check the FAQs to determine if the required timeframe has been adjusted, especially if COVID cases surge and testing demand increases.

Q: Can I attend any remaining events if I test positive for COVID-19 at the conference?

A: An attendee who tests positive for COVID-19 at the conference can resume attendance at remaining events ONLY if medically cleared according to the protocols established by the on-site event medicine team.

Q: What is the process to request an exemption to the vaccination requirement?

A: See last page of this document

Q: What is the process to request an exemption to the vaccination requirement?

A: See last page of this document

Medical/Religious Exemptions

Registrants can submit requests for a medical or religious exemption to vaccination using the following procedure:

Submit the request with the following link:

  • 1. Medical Exemption: A medical exemption may be granted if registrant sends a document written on letterhead from their doctor’s or healthcare provider that indicates the basis for the medical exemption for vaccination.
  • 2. Religious/Conscientious Exemption: A religious or conscientious exemption may be granted if a statement is provided that indicates:

    a. The individual holds sincere religious beliefs, practice, or observance that are contrary to the practice of vaccination or holds a sincere moral or philosophical conviction, such as the conviction that health and disease should not be controlled by vaccination; and

    b. Provides documentation to support the exemption request, such as a letter from a religious leader or a document referencing the basis for the belief, practice or observance.
  • 3. Requests received will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • 4. Sigma Gamma Rho will not see, receive or review any documentation submitted to the vendor. Any questions about your submission and the results of the review should be directed to the vendor.